Here is Everything You Need to Know About Common Online Shopping/Payments Issues

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Now that online shopping and online payments have become the necessities like any other daily stuff, you need to be more aware of the problems and their solutions, in terms of making payments, buying products etc. I know the feeling of buying your favorite food or footwear from your own living room, and the happiness gets doubled when you get what you ordered right!
But hang on!
Nearly half of the online users who shop online face a problem with their purchases, and this happens to everyone. Whether I am making a train ticket payment or waiting for my order, 3 out of 10 times, I have faced issues which are very common and if you know the solutions, you can enjoy online shopping on the go!

When you Receive Wrong Products


The most annoying problem that occurs while online shopping is when you receive wrong products. I remember when I ordered a dress before my best friend’s birthday. They sent me a wrong product and I had to run towards stores and boutiques, just an hour before her birthday party. I know, many of you have faced it, but that made me wonder how to deal with such situations?
Just contact the seller or the customer care of the website from where you have ordered the product, and return the product as soon as possible. You’ll be able to get a refund or exchange the product without any issues.

Technical issues like Deductions and Transactions


This happens to me almost every month when I order something or book an online ticket. I get a failed ticket with a deduction text. You too?
Don’t worry, no need to panic as it happens to almost everyone and the simplest solution of this is to wait for next 24 hours. Check your balance and, then contact the care support team by mail or phone with the screenshot of the transaction. The online shopping website will revert back, and you will get your amount within 48 hours.

Additional Payable Amount


Top selling websites have been doing this where they launch a great deal on particular products and when you just are just one click away from buying it, there is an additional shipping amount plus taxes and so on. How can you call it a deal or big bang offer!!! We buyers are not that as lazy as you think.
Just research the same product on different online shopping websites and grab the best deal from a trusted source. If you still are not satisfied with the charges, you can buy the same product from a store and for that, you will just have to find the store number on google right!

Secure your Debit/Credit Card data!


No matter how many times people assure you the security of your personal information and card number you need to keep them safe from your end. Make sure you choose a secure network along with a trusted online Shopping source to make an online payment. Use some of the strongest security features given by the websites so that if anything happens, you can claim your money without any fear.

Returns and Delivery


Whenever I want to return a product to an online store, they try to delay the case so that they can avoid the return loss. If this happens to you also, then here is the solution. Make a video while unpacking the product and if you want to return it, make sure you send them the video within 7 days so that you get your money back. Most of the online shopping websites refuse the refund application because there is no unpacking video or the complaint is delayed by a buyer. Plus, you can comment on their products about the delivery issue so that they improve their services.


If you want to be an smart online shopper, never shop from any random online store. Research and use these solution while online shopping. You can also share your experiences in the comment section below.


Happy Shopping 🙂 



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