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Amazing Science Experiment by YouTuber

There was news that the cold will be high on New Year’s Eve in many parts of the Globe and indeed the weather was chilly on the very first day of 2018. You might have experienced the same. Right? As we are in the winter season in many parts of the world the air is cold and the temperature is even in negative.

Talking about Canada, the temperature there was negative which turned to ice and things too icy. In amidst of such a cold weather, a YouTuber did an awesome science experiment. This man turned boiling water into a snow cloud. Isn’t it sounding WOW?

The phenomenon under which he has done all this is called the ‘Mpemba Effect’ where hot water freezes faster than cold hence turning into snow mid-air. For example, when will you throw hot boiling water in cold temperature it will turn into a snow cloud. Viva Frei did the same at Quebec, Canada.

Have a look at the video below:

superCOOL or Not!!

People were amazed to see this so they tried the Mpemba effect and shared it on Twitter:

#1. Holy Snow:

#2. OMG! So Beautiful:

#3. Just one word WOW!

#4. Isn’t it cool?

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