11 Profound Verses By Amir Khusrow That Will Illuminate Your Love In A Spiritual Light

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“Mun tu shudam tu mun shudi,
Mun tun shudam tu jaan shudi.”

From centuries to until now, poetry has remained the most intriguing part of the literature to express the deep desires of your heart. It is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary art forms of expression.

Well, I don’t know much about the Sufi saints expect Amir Khusrow. The poet whose depiction of love is spiritual & pure and that’s what makes him distinct from other poets of that era and even today’s too.


From the 12th century to 21st century, Khusro’s deep and profound poems are the main way to show the love although his poems are still revered and relevant.

From very famous ‘Khusrau baji prem ki khelun pi ke sang’, he has provided us some of the iconic poems that we sing without even apprehending who wrote it.

Let’s read the gems of Amir Khusro here:

1. Saajan ye mat jaaniyo tohe bichhdt mohe ko chain.
diya jalat hai raat mein aur jiya jalat bin rain..

2. Apni chhavi banaai ke main to pi ke paas gayi.
jab chhavi dekhi peehoo ki so apni bhool gayi.

3. Khusrau baji prem ki khelun pi ke sang
Jeet gayi to piya more hari pee ke sang.

4. Khusrau darya prem ka, ulti wa ki dhaar,
Jo utra so doob gaya, jo dooba so paar.

5. Chaap Tilak sab cheeni re, moh se naina milayke.
Prem bhati ka madhva pilayke
Matwari kar deeni re, moh se naina milayke.

6. Khusrau raen suhaag ki, jaagi pi ke sung,
Tun mero mun pi-u ko, dovu bhaye ek rung.

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7. Khusaro paati prem ki Birla baaainche koya.
ved, kuraan, pothi padhe, prem bina ka hoya.

8. Rain bina jag dukhi aur dukhi chandr bin rain.
tum bin saajan main dukhi aur dukhi daras bin nainn.

9. Raini chadhi rasool ki so rang maula ke haath.
jiske kapare rang diye so dhan dhan vaake bhaag.

10. Pankha hokar main duli, saati tera chaav.
mujh jalati ka janam gayo tere lekhan bhaav.

11. Khusaro sareer saraaya hai kyon sove sukh chain.
kooch nagaara saans ka, baajat hai din rain.

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