Do You Know Where Has The Sound Of ‘The Game Of Throne’s’ Dragon Come From?

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‘Games Of Thrones’ is like a drug for its fans and whenever someone who doesn’t like the series utter any negative word against it then looks at their expression. They will act nothing less than the Drogon.
Well, fans have to wait till 2019 to enjoy the next season but in between any tiniest news excites us more than anything else. And, whatever we say about its cast and extraordinary graphics would be less.

Well, recently a news rolls down on the internet about the three fire-breathing creatures aka Daenerys Targaryen’s Dragons that from where has the sound of Drogons has come from.


We bet you didn’t know where did the astounding sound of the Dragons come from. Are you? As per the report of a DailyMail report, the sound of the Dragons is a recorded sound of tortoises having sex.

Paula Fairfield, the sound designer of “Game Of Thrones” revealed:


The groan of the male actually became, with some work and adjustments and stuff, the basis of Drogon’s purr with Daenerys. I have sounds I might choose simply by certain personality traits that I might want to push forward. 

Fairfield added by saying:


She named that dragon after Khal Drogo, her hot late husband, so Drogon is like her lover. He’s whistling at her all the time, he’s whistling at her butt and saying, ‘Ooh baby.

Watch the video below:

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