Money Earned By This Disabled Jharkhand Beggar Will Definitely Make You Jealous

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Beggars, then there are professional beggars!!

In our country, we all are giving our 100% to make it a developed nation. But, in the path of development there are still some barriers and among it, one is poverty and beggars in our country. During our daily commute time, we have seen beggars begging for money, clothes on the traffic signal and streets. As the humanity in our body rises we end up giving them a coin or a note in their hands.


But, apart from beggars in our country, there are also professional beggars in our Nation. Yes, this is so and these professional beggars are even richer than us. Hard to believe me, then read out the whole story of this Jharkhand beggar. Chhotu Baraik is a 40-year-old disabled from waist. The man hailing from Jharkhand earns Rs 30,000 per month just by begging.


At Chakradharpur railway station and in all trains you can find this beggar begging. Beside begging, he is also a distributor of vestige and used to sell memberships and products to people. The man also has a utensil shop in Bandi village of Simdega district which is run by his wife, as per Daily Bhaskar report.


The disabled man earns a yearly income of around Rs 4 lakh and he accepts that he has three wives. From the childhood he is disabled and since he started begging his daily earnings began touching Rs 1,000- Rs1,200.

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