This Man Gets Kidnapped Forcefully And Reason Is Completely Hilarious

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“Men are the victims too” 

Marriage is a decision for two individuals then how can anyone forced to get married and even at the gunpoint. But, it is horrifying to see such practices being carried out even today in the state of Bihar.

As it is the common belief that women are the victims of societal atrocities but this incident shows how Groom suffered too. A man is kidnapped by the bride’s relatives and forced to tie the knot with the bride against his wishes.


As per the Kumar said,

“They (the girl’s family) befriended me during the wedding and asked me to step out. They kidnapped me and took me to a home where I was forced to put vermillion in the hair of a girl. I had never seen her and I don’t know who she is.” 


According to the report by Gulf News India, ” This practice is called ‘Pakdau Vivah’, in other words – groom kidnapping. It is carried out by families who seek well-to-do grooms but cannot afford dowry demands.”

However, the unfortunate groom named Vinod Kumar from Patna is an engineer with the Bokaro Steel Plant, was attending a wedding in Nalanda district when a few men started befriending him. They asked him to step out with them and then kidnapped him. He was held at gunpoint and was beaten forcefully to conduct the rituals.

After that, Vinod has filed a complaint in police station regarding against the assault and the cops are looking into the matter.

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