9-Year-Old Kid Killed By Teenager Just Over A Fight For Kites

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What Is Wrong With Kids Today?

After the horrifying incident of Ryan International School in Gurgaon where the seven-year-old was brutally murdered, yet another incident from a village near Mehsana, Gujarat repeated a scenario.

A 14-year-old schoolmate and friend killed class III boy who is 9-year-old after a silly fight over kites.


The 9-year-old named Hiren, and the boy of class 8th who killed him lived in opposite homes and fought over flying kites and carrying a jhattu (An object that used to catch cut kites).


The accused teen seized kites from the 9-year-old and dealt him a harsh kick and as a result, Hiren came crashing down from the staircase which resulted in injuries. As Hiren still didn’t stop to abuse the teen, he choked his face resulting in his demise. And, then he noticed that his own clothes, as well as the staircase, got stained by blood.


And more shockingly, he dumped his body. When the teen of class 8th saw blood coming out of Hiren’s mouth and realized that he’s dead, he decided to dump his body.

According to the Mehsana superintendent of police, Chaitanya Mandlik:

After ensuring that no one was there on the campus, he buried the body in the pit, threw mud on his pants and arranged big stones by the side.

“Hiren’s mother would then go the accused’s house and pick up a fight with his family members for beating her son. The deceased’s father also used beat up the accused and this happened at least 2-3 times a week,” Mandlik said.

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