Do You Know Who Had Stolen Old Indian Jewellery From Venice Exhibition?

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“A european nation is behind it”

In a heist evocative of an Ocean’s Eleven film – or a Tintin adventure an Exquisite Indian jewelry, belonging to a Qatari royal family and worth millions of dollars have been stolen from an exhibition at Venice in the Doge’s Palace Wednesday.

According to the Telegraph, “Treasures of the Mughals and the Maharajahs exhibition at the Doge’s Palace in Venice, boasted around 300 objects spanning five centuries of Indian craftsmanship.”


The expensive earrings and a brooch on the final day of the exhibition were stolen as the burglary that made belonged to the Al Thani ruling family of Qatar, which is kept under high security in London after exhibition but amidst this exhibition thieves steal Indian maharaja jewels.



According to the Vito Gagliardi, the head of Venice police:

“The glass case was opened up as if it were a tin can while the alarm, if it worked at all, went off late. It is essential to understand what didn’t work properly in the security systems.”


After the robbery, the pictures of the stolen ornament have been sent to the royal family for the exact identification and estimation of the exact cost. However, the price must be so high because it belongs to the royal family.

Further, a spokesman for the Al Thani Collection in the UK said the Qatari owners were “still awaiting full details” and the Royals were unlikely to issue a statement about the theft, at least in the short-term.

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