Things Only Straightforward People Will Relate To

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       Are you one of the straightforward people who never sugarcoat their words?

I know how it feels, when you are honest with people, and speak your mind, and they start calling you mean or rude. Why can’t people take the truth and appreciate your honesty? You are not being ‘politically correct’, after all. Even my parents tell me to be a little diplomatic, in front of people who don’t know me well, and that’s so annoying! What’s wrong in being straightforward?


I think being unapologetic of your straightforward nature is a good thing. If you have ever felt this way, then here are the things you can relate to.

It Is As It Is. Sorry!


No matter whether it is good or bad, right or wrong, ugly or beautiful, you will never filter your words by being diplomatic. Yes, people will call you a critic, but straightforward people can also say good things right!

Nobody Likes You in The First Meeting


This happens to me every time I meet someone new. Being straightforward simply means that you will speak your heart or mind, but not everybody likes it right! If you are with a person who has known you for years, then it’s okay, but a new person will never want to meet you again.

You Have selected Friends!


We not so ‘politically correct’ people have fewer friends than others, and I am not complaining because I would neverprefer a friend who is not able to take criticism, neither I want one who always says good things even when I need to be slapped. Straightforward people may have lesser friends, but their friends are just like them; no filter no fakeness.

People Are Judging You Always.


But your mother understands you! She knows how sensitive as a person you are, which makes you honest and trustworthy. No matter how much they judge you or call you rude for being straightforward, you know you are a good person. You already know that taking criticism or taking advice needs a lot of courage, and not everybody has it.

You Are Logical and Never Play With Words


I am very fond of such people who never try to sugarcoat words or talk nonsense. I mean who would like a friend or a lover who is always being nice just to impress you! No, not cool. It’s important to be sensible, especially when someone close to you needs your advice or doing anything wrong.

You Are A Leader!


You never play mind games, and you never talk behind their back which makes you a leader. The second you walk into a room, people start talking about you. Yeah, some of them are bitching, but at least you are being talked about! You take your own decisions, you make real friends and you are fearless, which take you to the right path.

Guess who is your Best Friend!


Trouble it is. You and troubles are never apart as you straightforward behavior takes you to the worst situations possible. No worries, every superpower comes with a curse my friend.

You don’t have to feel bad about your honesty as it’s the best part of your personality, which makes you rare. I know it’s hard to survive, but we can do it with a little politeness. Be unapologetic of your straightforward nature, and keep your honesty alive.
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