Know The Story Of This Woman Who Bravely Fought A Hitman Who Came To Kill Her

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I think that’s the most beautiful thing that happens to an individual in their life. The happy side of wedding brings along with it the other side which is harsh/ dark as marriages don’t always last forever. Some individuals in their marriages have to face the dark side, so is this woman named Susan Kuhnhausen (now Susan Walters). Her story depicts that how badly things can turn into a marriage.


In 2006, Susan and her husband Mike Kuhnhausen had completed 17 years of their marriage. She had been working as an emergency nurse for 30 years and one day as she returned home from work to an empty house. There she received a note from her husband which stated that he was out on the beach, so she switched off the security alarm and started collecting her mail and just then she saw the darkness in her bedroom.


As she entered the room she had a man looming over her. The man lunged at her with a hammer in his hand. As she side-stepped but the man somehow managed to hit on her head. The brave lady fought back as she managed to wrestle the hammer away from him. In 15 minutes altercation, she strangled the guy and bite the attacker as well.


As the attacker dies, she went to her neighbor and for help dialed 911. When the police investigated the matter they came to know that Edward Dalton Haffey was the killer and he was paid $50,000 by her own husband to kill her.

When the police caught Mike he confessed to his crimes.


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