Patanjali Is Creating A Wrong Perception Of Dark Complexion And We Are Angry

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Dark Complexion is not at all bad!

We live in the 21st century and also in India where from ages people have a mindset that no skin tone is better than a fairer skin tone. People prefer gori-gori/ only fair girl and are literally obsessed with fairer skin-color. As the fairer skin is preferred and Dark Complexion is sidelined, people run behind the beauty creams and the companies do anything for their advertisement.

Though everybody prefers fairer skin-color but never ever have I seen Dark Complexion as a skin ailment. But, recently, just to advertise their product, a beauty cream mentioned that Dark Complexion is a skin ailment!


On December 17, 2017, the ad is published in Deccan Chronicle and the description of beauty cream is as follows “Possesses the benefits of wheat germ oil, turmeric, aloe-vera, and basil etc. which are extremely beneficial for skin ailments like dry skin, dark complexion, and wrinkles. Patanjali beauty cream is not just another cream but is a skin nourishment tonic and treatment. It gives you the confidence of 100% natural beauty. Try it yourself and suggest to your family and friends.”

Twitter user Karthik posted and called out that ‘dark complexion’ is NOT a skin ailment.

Other users expressed their opinion too:




I am not fair and naturally, I have dark or brown skin color it doesn’t mean that I have an ailment. It’s high time that we all understand that it’s not an ailment and it’s purely natural. Even science never ever declared it to be an ailment.

Those who are claiming that it’s an ailment are literally foolish people.


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