6 Ancient Rishi-Munis Of India That Made The World Sit Down And Notice India

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We and the modern scientists who live in this era like to take credit for most of the technological inventions that have been done. But, sometimes we fail to understand and mention that often many of these ‘discoveries’ are nothing but re-inventions based on knowledge, that our ancestors possessed long ago.

In fact, much scientific knowledge can be traced back to ancient India and their great rishi-munis. In this exquisite list that I’ve prepared here, it presents six remarkable ancient Indian sages who were familiar with gravity, airplanes, missiles, atomic theory, medicine, astronomy, cosmology and more long before the modern era.

So, let’s take a look at some of these legendary figures and the inventions they came up with.

1. Kapila– The Father Of Cosmology


Acharya Kapil was born in 3000 BCE to the illustrious sage Kardam and Devhuti. His pioneering work threw light on the nature and principles of the ultimate Soul (Purusha), primal matter (Prakriti) and creation. His concept of transformation of energy and profound commentaries on Atma, Non-Atma and the subtle elements of the cosmos place him in an elite class of master achievers – incomparable to the discoveries of other cosmologists.

2. Acharya Charak – The Skin Specialist


Acharya Charak was a well-known Ayurvedic scientist and a skin specialist. Acharya Charak had researched on the science of body, the science of womb and on the medicines. The medicines for the most common diseases of today like diabetes, heart-related diseases, etc. were founded by Acharya Charak many years ago.

3. Vishwamitra – The One Who Discovered And Used Missiles


Before Vishwamitra became a sage he was first a king. Later he was recognized as one of the most venerated sages of ancient times in India. He is the rishi of the third book of Rigveda. Thousands of years ago, he discovered missiles or missile systems. Being a warrior he used these weapons and taught Rama how missiles functioned.

4. Bhaskaracharya And His Law Of Gravity


Bhaskarachārya (1114 – c. 1185) was an Indian mathematician and astronomer who extended Brahmagupta’s work on number systems. In modern times, the credit of discovering Earth’s gravitational force is given to Isaac Newton. However, very few people know that the same gravitational force was already discovered by the Indian sage Bhaskaracharya thousands of years ago.

5. Garga Muni – The Scientist Of Stars


There is little information available about Garga Muni who was the chief astrologer of King Prithu who in Purana is described as an avatar (incarnation) of Vishnu. What we do know is that Garga Muni had a passion for stars. His work Garga Samhita is based on the six fractions of the astrological science.

6. Patanjali – The Sage Behind Sutra


The life history of Patanjali is full of legends and contradictions. There are no authentic records regarding his birth. It is said that once while watching a dance by Lord Shiva, Adi Shesha found it unbearable to support the weight of Lord Vishnu. Amazed at this, he asked Lord Vishnu the reason for the same. Lord Vishnu said that this was because of his harmony with Lord Shiva’s energy state, owing to the practice of Yoga. Realizing the value and benefits of Yoga, Adi Shesha decided to be born amongst humans as ‘Patanjali’, to teach them the great art. Yoga Sutras are considered to serve as the basis of the yogic techniques.



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