Indian Girl Does Her Bit In Order To Stop Rape And That’s Worth An Applause

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Safety of woman is first

Rape incidents in India tend to happen daily and though the Government is doing there every bit to put a stop on it, Rapes are not stopping in India. As the days are passing the rape cases in India are also rising. With the environment like this all around a woman have to be more cautious and also save herself from these rape monsters.

In order to save all the woman from rape, an Indian girl took the matter into her hands. The girl named Seenu Kumari has invented an underwear which is ‘rape proof’. Isn’t it a great development by the girl?


A lock, GPS, and a video camera are the key components in the underwear developed by the girl who hails from Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh as per The Daily Mail.

The girl claims that without a password the lock will not get open, the GPS will inform about her location to her family/police and the video camera will capture the face of the attacker.


The cost of underwear is around 4300 INR and the inventor of underwear is planning to launch it in the bigger market. Watch out the video below in which she clearly explains the features:

It’s really good that she invented the underwear for the protection of woman but on the other side, I think it’s really sad because the invention like this needs to have developed long before.

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