Actor Saba Qamar In A Talk Show Talked About The Tragedy That Happened With A 7-Year-Old Zainab

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Zainab Ansari, a 7-year-old in Pakistan was kidnapped, raped and murdered. The body of the innocent after five days of her missing was recovered from a garbage. The brutal crime that happened with a girl has disgusted the minds of people all around the world and all of us are really angry.

The Hindi Medium actor Saba Qamar by appearing in a morning talk show expressed how sad she is about the rape and murder of Zainab. While talking about it, she had tears in her eyes. The actress through her saying only demanded justice for the girl.


“Who do I demand justice from? I am crying like she was my daughter or my sister. She is not even my blood relation but I am crying. Her family must be dead inside,” she said.

Saba mentioned “I am a fighter. I appeal to all the women in the world. Look around, speak up. Don’t allow women to be humiliated and treated this way, take matters in your own hands. Train your girls, if someone is touching you the wrong way, slap him. We can not allow this to continue and become a norm.”

Across the world after the incident in different parts citizens have protested and demanded justice for an innocent girl. Zainab was the 12th girl as eleven cases like of recent crime were recorded in the same neighborhood during the past year.

#1. Actress Mahira Khan also tweeted in support of #JusticeForZainab:

#2. Azhar Ali:

Watch out the video below:


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