Actress Kalki Boldly Reveals Why Women Don’t Talk About Sexual Harassment In Bollywood

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Bollywood are you listening…….It’s really sad!!

We all are very well aware of the #MeToo campaign in Hollywood that let various women come out boldly to share their stories of abuse and of course the Harvey Weinstein issue. Thousands of women across the world once in their lifetime have witnessed the harassment at work or any other place.

Recently, the Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin in conversation with BBC News talked about the issue of sexual harassment in Bollywood and why people don’t talk about it.


“It is a difficult step to take since their career is at stake”, this is what the actress said when asked why actors in B-Town don’t speak about their sexual harassment that happens at the workplace.

“If you are a celebrity and you talk about it, it only becomes a shocking headline,” she said.


“You are dealing with hundreds of people throwing their opinions at you,” Kalki said.

“People say you are too fat or comments being made or being hit on” she further added, “Both men and women need to be having a dialogue with each other, not against each other.”

Watch out the video below:

Whether in the Bollywood or anywhere else it is very necessary that along with women men too bravely come up and speak about any type of harassment that they have faced either at a workplace or anywhere else. We all need to understand that rather than standing against each other in such a situation we all should stand together.


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