Do You Know The Price Of World’s Most Expensive Tea?

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It is more than your annual package!

Hello all tea lovers! Ooppss..chai lover! Chai is not just a drink but a mood lifter and drink of happiness to its lover. For us, chai can be costly but not more than Rs. 50, however, it is also costly.

We can enjoy the full-fledged a cup of chai even at Rs. 10. But, do you know guys there is a chai that costs more than your annual salary package?

Yes, Da Hong Pao, literally translated to ‘big red robe,’ is a kind of tea available in China that costs unbelievably. Mainly, its price is calculated over 30 times its weight in gold.



Why this tea is so expensive???



The reason it’s so costly is that it is rare and, therefore, expensive and available in China. The Wuyi mountains in China’s Fujian Province are acknowledged to be the original and natural place for the tea to grow.


The makers of this area have been in the trade since generation and it passes generation to generations with their special annual ritual.

However, it is believed that the leaves of the tea are wiped with goat’s milk as they grow and after baking the leaves they leave them to age for years. And, more shockingly, aging process can last for up to 80 years.

And, here is the price:


Well, if you are a chai lover and really want to get the flavor of  Da Hong Pao then goes to London’s Royal China Club. And, the price for a pot that only serves four tiny cups is $250 (INR 17,000)

According to the BBC Travel, “the extremely rare and original Da Hong Pao (Imperial Red Robe) tea costs about $10,000 per pot or around $1,400 per gram.”

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