Now that Big Boss 11 Is Over Do You Know How Fans Are Reacting

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If  you are still in that Big Boss zone, let me remind you guys. BB is over!


Though the wrap up of Big Boss will not affect me or people, who are not into that zone, but for fans, Big Boss is not just an ordinary show. They are crazy about everything related to big boss be it tasks, contestants or eliminations. We have to agree that this season was better than any other previous big boss season.
I have seen my roommate and her friends waiting for big boss and then talking about everything happened in the episode for last three months.


This actually made me watch some of the  BB 11 episodes, and trust me, I actually enjoyed watching them. Salman Khan put an end to Big Boss by announcing Shilpa Shinde as the winner of the show. For those who were addicted to the show, and used to sit in front of their television sets sharp at 9:30 pm, it is hard to believe that there will be no more Big Boss 11 from now.

Here is how Big Boss fans will miss the show-

This is How Fans Are Reacting!

Big Boss was the reason why you were not letting your remote get away. It was the reason which made you come home early and a couch potato who was being trolled by his/ her friends for watching a show where everybody fights, sleep, and acts. No matter how much you were being criticized, but the show became your life and now my friend, you will have to move on! You need to find something else.




I know it’s hard and you will not be able to pass that one hour without Big Boss, but this is what life is all about!


These Posts of Celebrities Prove that Big Boss is Not Just A Commoner’s Entertainment

From TV actress Anita Hansnandani to Gauhar Khan who was the winner of BB7 everybody is sad that the 11th season of the Big Boss has ended. See for your self


This also proves that a reality show like Big Boss reached to masses and common as well as celebs enjoy the show. Well, these celebs at least have their stuff to do right!

Wait for The Next Season!



I cannot sympathize you with this, but I have some suggestion so that you can bear the pain. Either you can wait for the next Big Boss, or you can watch the episodes over and over again. If not, then start watching something sensible, and there are hundreds of option available out there.
Get out of that Shilpa Vs Hina thing because the truth is that you are not going to see them in the Big Boss house again. Yeah, that’s true!

I am sure you will find something better and entertaining to get over Big Boss. Till then keep reading our articles.

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