10 People Sharing Their Stories Of Scars With Pictures And It Is Intriguing

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“They bring body-positivity”

Scar it not beautiful, whether it is on the moon or on you! But, why? Why people can’t consider it as beautiful?

People are forced to hide or fix their scars because it is ugly but if you believe in you not one can force you to do such disgusting thing. Just ignore what they are saying.

Similarly, Sophie Mayenne, a London-based photographer did something really good that can change your perception, she did a project ‘Behind The Scars’ in which people with scars boldly and bravely tell their scars stories with pictures.

Sophie take a step to encourage all the dull soul, tell them to spread body-positivity and said,


There’s no epic battle story behind my scar… when I was 3 years old I went to Sardinia with my mum and step dad, and went out on one of his friends boats, there was a big wave and I ended up plummeting head first down the stairs. I couldn’t feel a thing and everyone looked at me and started freaking out. I felt something warm trickling down my face, and wiped my forehand, with my hands, to see them covered with blood. When you are 3 years old, buckets of blood pouring from you head equals death. “Mummy, am I gonna die” was asked a few times as she mopped up the blood with a clean nappy as we waited for the ocean ambulance. I got 7 stitches with made for a good Harry Potter style story at school.”
“I was diagnosed with a rare and extremely aggressive form of cancer called Osteosarcoma when I was 27 years old. Doctor’s think that I had the tumour since I was 26. My right arm was aching whilst I was sleeping – everyone I would chop vegetables, and get dressed. I went to see a chiropractor – he moved my arm around and I screamed very loudly. He just said that I had damaged my muscle and said I was very dramatic. Unknown to him, what lay behind my “dramatic” scream was something quite sinister.”
“When I was young, I pulled a cup of hot boiling tea off the counter. As a result, it burnt my left shoulder down to my left breast and stomach. My scar has been with me since I was 11 months old – it is all I know, I don’t even remember my body without a scar. I have my confident days where I say “It’s just a scar”. I’m sure everyone has a scar. I’ve definitely had my bad days, but only when I meet a new face and they stare at it in disgust. It makes me think OMG is there something on my body? And then I remember “the burn” lol. I wear this scar because it is a part of me. It’s just a scar.”


“My tumour changed my life in so many ways. A life changing operation to remove the tumour, the size of a grapefruit gave me self acceptance on a level that was truly unconditional. In 2012 I was diagnosed with non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Cancer wasn’t an issue, what was was the discovery of a huge tumour. It was benign, but sizeable. Attached to my liver, a bunch of nerves and my main artery to my leg. Five hours of surgery, a deflated hung, my diaphragm put on halt, a bypass with my insides out on a table. My fear going into surgery was the long term affects and how my body would recover. Will my boyfriend still love me, will he still find me attractive, will any man find me acceptable to look at? The truth was, it taught me to love myself hard, without compromise. Inside and out, there was a journey of total acceptance. My amazing body had not failed me yet, so who was I to not love it back for keeping me alive? The message is simple – we are provided with a beautiful vessel to carry our soul. It works so hard to support us daily – the love I have for my body is insurmountable. It allows me to be my glorious self – I am a very lucky girl.”
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“My scars are from a fire related to domestic abuse. I got burnt at the age of 29, and it’s been a difficult journey coming to terms with it. The comfort I take from my scars is they make me who I am today. I call them my most precious, and expensive piece of jewellery I own. I have survived and if having my picture taken, and exposing my scars can help anyone else then that’s good for me!.”


“In the summer of ’15 I was in a house fire. My clothes and way of life up in flames. I spent my summer in a burns unit on Fulham Road. My scars and scar tissue continue to change, but I have never felt more beautiful.”


“My scars decorate my entire body – I used to be so ashamed of them, mainly because of the reactions I received. People would stare at them whenever they were on show and in turn I became uncomfortable with having them out. I started avoiding clothes that weren’t jeans – if I braved a skirt, I would cover my scars in makeup. I have surgical scars and self harm scars. As a teenager I suffered from an eating disorder and depression, and as a result at age 16 I jumped off a building in an attempt to end my life. 
The 20+ surgeries have left me with scars head to toe (literally). The ones on my legs and feet bothered me the most, along with the others on my rights that made me dread wearing a bikini. This was how my scars used to make me feel, but having embraced them as part of me I no longer feel ashamed. I wanted to take part in this project so that people can become more accustomed to seeing scars and avoid said reactions. Additionally I want to help and encourage people to embrace their scars. As a student nurse – helping people accept their bodies is part of the job, but how can I do that if I don’t do it with my own?” 
Agnes In 1997 at the age of 7 i survived a gas explosion. I have undergone 27 reconstructive surgeries. I have always been comfortable with my scars, to me they are beautiful and they tell you different stories. They are special.”


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Indeed! It is really beautiful and it takes immense courage to come and tell such stories! More power to them!

All Image Courtesy: SOPHIE MAYANNE

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