10 Ways To Stay Hydrated Without Actually Drinking Water

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You Can Replace Your Glass Of Water With Other Drinks

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What do you understand by the word ‘Stay Hydrated’? Doesn’t it mean drinking lots of water on the daily basis, so that our body doesn’t feel the scarcity of water? From doctor to our parents, everyone suggests us to drink more and more at least 8 glasses of water every day. It is a general suggestion that we get from everybody. But, do you follow this suggestion? Do you drink at least eight glasses of water daily especially when you don’t feel thirsty? I know what would be your answer and this answer is mine also that is No.

But we also know that it is crucial for our body to be full of fluids all the time. What should we do in such condition? In case you don’t like to drink water all the time, you can replace water with other alternatives that can be an easy option to stay hydrated. So, let’s check what are these alternatives.

Here Are 10 Ways To Stay Hydrated Without Actually Drinking Water:

#1 Milk


You will not be already aware of the fact that the whole Milk had a significantly higher hydration index than water. So, get a board on to the dairy train.

#2 Fresh Juice


Fresh fruit juices can be the good replacement for water thirst. Begin your day with a large glass of freshly squeezed glass of fruit juice especially orange juice which is considered as a higher hydration.

#3 Low Alcohol Beer


You can enjoy the low alcohol beer if you don’t want water to drink every time. Men’s Fitness reports that researchers, “found lager has the same hydrating potential as water.”

#4 Coffee


There are conflicts on should take caffeine into the account to replace water or not. It is believed that a daily coffee habit won’t lead to dehydration. But a limit is necessary.

#5 Cucumber


Cucumber contains 96.7% water, so it is obvious that it can be the best replacement of water. It’s the highest water content of solid food.

#6 Flavored Water


To stay hydrated for a longer time, eight glasses of water are suggested but what if you don’t like to drink water? Add some flavor to the plain water and enjoy drinking.

#7 Tea


Interestingly, The BBC reports that “In a rare study where people drank nothing but tea for the 12-hour duration of the trial, there was no difference in hydration level between them and the people who drank the same quantity of boiled water.”

#8 Coconut Water


It’s a well-known replacement for water. Even there was a craze that coconut water was even better for you than H2O.

#9 Watermelon


Watermelon contains 91.5% water and hence it is called the summer fruit. So, it can be one of the best ways to stay hydrated for a long time.

#10 Celery


Celery contains 95.4% water and it’s an easy alternative if you don’t like to drink only water to stay hydrated.

Everyone needs to stay hydrated all the time and water is the easy option available around. But, I know having enough water isn’t to the liking of everyone. So, these above-mentioned alternatives can be the best choice to replace water with staying hydrated.

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