Funny Or Serious? A Woman Marries Ghost After She Found No Man Good Enough

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Woman ditched human being

In this modern era, relationships and hookups can easily find and done but finding a soulmate is not at all easy. Man as well women both always remain in search of a partner who is good enough for them. But, many times it happened that though an individual marries to someone they can’t call him/her their soulmate.

A 45-year-old Amanda Teague couldn’t found any man good enough for her so she ditched human beings and married a ghost. Please don’t laugh, this actually happened. The lady has 5 kids with her ex-husband.


She claims to marry a Jack – an 18th-century pirate ghost. Though she never met him in real she describes him to be a Haitian pirate who is black with jet black hair and was sentenced to death for his crimes in the 1700s.

Amanda told Metro “We became really close, the more I learned about him, the more I liked him. One day he said to me ‘We can actually be together you know’ but I had never heard of an intimate relationship between a spirit and a human before.”


As per Amanda Jack never married in real life. She has a full support from her family and when they were getting married in order to get Jack to say “I do” they used a skull and crossbones flag.

Amanda mentioned “The only difference with having a sexual relationship with a spirit is obviously that sense of touch goes a lot deeper”

Bizzare it sounds….but this happened for real!!!

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