Piyush Mishra’s Ballads Sum The Life Beautifully And We Are Delighted

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See the world by Piyush Mishra’s eyes

“Kursi hai, janaaza to nahi,

Kuch kar nahi sakte,

To uth kyun nahi jaate?”

What a sarcastic line to hit hard the corrupt system and politicians who don’t realize their duty and respect the same! Piyush Mishra, the legendary theatre genius, poet, lyricist, and a prolific writer is the one pure soul of the writers who can very well flow their pen to connect words with life. His miraculous writing work has the potential, to sum up, the life in just a few words and the above-written lines are an excellent example.


Hello readers,

Maybe you know Piyush Mishra just as a brilliant actor from the Hindi Film Industry! But it’s a name Delhi theatre people and scene swear by. It’s been just a few months since I started following his work and realized that he is a complete artist in himself. From creating music to acting, from writing to singing, from writing down words for life to give beautiful words to describe the love, he excels in every field. So, I decided to bring to you some of his profound verses from his vast collection.

Here Are 10 Piyush Mishra’s Ballads That Sum The Life Beautifully:


1. Khudi ko kar buland itna,

Ki tu himalaya pe ja pahuche..

Or khuda khud tujhse yeh pooche,

Abey laikhat! Utrega kaisa?


2. Dard ki baarish mein

Hum akele hi the,

Jab barsi khushiyaan

Na jaane bheed kahaan se aa gayi..


3. Gussa aadmi se,

Bohot kuch karwata hai,

Or ye Jo love hai ya love?

Yeh sirf marwata hai..


4. Zinda ho haan tum koi shak nahin,

Saans lete hue dekha maine bhi hai

Haath aur pairon aur jism ko

Harqatet khoob

Dete hue dekha maine bhi hai..


5. Vo kaam bhala kya kaam hua

Jisme sala dil ro jaaye,

Vo ishq bhala kya ishq hua

Jo aasaani se ho jaye..


6. Insaan khud ki nazar me sahi hona chahiye,

Duniya to bhagwaan se bhi dukhi hai..


7. Halki phulki si hai Zindagi

Bojh to khwahishon ka hai..


8. Saj gaye hum lute hue 

Sajinde jaise baithe hai,

Aur yaar gaye magar hum

Besharam zinda jaise baithe hain..


9. Tumhari hai tum hi

Sambhalon ye duniya,

Ye bujhte hue chaand

Baasi charaaghon ki

Tumhaare ye kaale iraadon ki duniya..


10. Yauvan itna satya nahi,

Vo ek baar hi aata hai,

Ek bachpan hi hai Jo

Srishti ke aadi-ant tak jata hai..

If you are not aware then I tell you Piyush Mishra is the lyricist of ‘Are Ruk Ja Re Bande’ from the film Black Friday. Don’t you think the artist deserves our applause for his outstanding work in every art field? Let’s thank him for his wonderful words!

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