Rape Victims Clothes Display In Exhibition And Shows It’s Not What You Wear

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“Is it my fault?”

Every time when a woman/girl get raped the society blames them to wear the short dresses, not the cruel man and his intention. But, what about the 5-year-old girl who also becomes the victim for dirty intention, not only this but even the newborn girl child too faced this.

Do you have the answer what a parent should buy for their a month-old-baby? A saree? A salwar suit? or a burqa?  Basically, it does not matter what she was wearing, how old she is, even she is your sister, mother etc.

Most importantly, the biggest perpetrator is the society more than criminal, because whenever a woman decides to report rape, instead of punishing the perpetrator, people still question the victim.

What was she wearing? With whom she hang out? At what time she is having fun? Blah..blah..blah!

Recently, to change the perception of the society that it doesn’t matter what she was wearing, an exhibition is being held in Molenbeek, Brussels. This exhibition’s mere purpose is to show what the girl wore at the time of the rape it doesn’t matter as it includes clothes like tracksuits, pyjamas, and dresses.


According to the Lieshbeth Kennes, a training and counselling employee of CAW said:

“What you immediately notice when you walk around here: they are all very normal pieces that anyone would wear. There is even a children’s shirt with an image of ‘My Little Pony’ in the exhibition, which brings home a harsh reality.”


Delphine Goossens, Molenbeek prevention service’s project manager said:

“We would like people to understand that every woman could wear what they want, they shouldn’t be attacked. That’s what the exhibition shows: no outfit prevents rape.”

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