100 Crore Demonetised Notes Used As A Bed In Kanpur And We Are Wondering

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I remember the day when all Indians were in the panic when Prime Minister Narendra Modi demonetized Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes and somewhere we all are still in the scary zone that the government might not introduce any type of decision again.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) and Uttar Pradesh police have recovered demonetized old currency notes worth about ₹100 crore in Kapur today. Reported by NDTV these amount has been recovered from an under-construction house in Kanpur.

And, the money arranged in such a sequence that it is forming the “Bed Of Cash”


According to a senior NIA official,

“We got the information that huge amount of demonetised currency was being stored in an under construction house in the Swarup Nagar locality of Kanpur…Since there was no terror angle involved, the information was shared with the UP police and a joint raid was conducted.”

Anand Kumar, the acting police chief of Uttar Pradesh said:

“I am told he is a businessman as a cover but is involved in these kinds of activities. He is the main conduit in the exchange of money. 16 people have been arrested. We were getting information that efforts are on to stack currency and exchange it in some manner.” 


The police also said “negotiators who promised to get the notes exchanged have also been arrested”.

However, the officers are investigating why they hide the currency, may be they are intending to change into a legal currency.

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