Do You Know Why The Indian Army Deserves All the Respect and Gratitude?

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Between Death and Life, They have chosen the Army to keep you alive #ArmyDay

No, I am not writing this because its Army Day trending everywhere, though it could be the reason which made me think that how much struggle they go through, just to keep us safe and alive. None of them was forced to choose such a rough life, but some of them found their objectives and some of them might want to serve the country. Whatever may be the reason, each of us should be proud of our Indian Army and respect them not only for a day but every day just like we bend down in front of God.


Today, Pepperfeed is going to share more reasons to love and respect Army.

Army is Not Just Another Job!


You have a 9 to 5 job, Okay, a 9 to 9 Job! where you get all the facilities including AC, lunch, tea-time, and Sundays, still you are not happy and want to quit, right! How about serving the country even on Diwali, in a place where it minus 4 degrees outside and you have only Dry fruits to fill your cravings? Yes, they don’t have holidays neither they are allowed to leave after a specific time. It’s really tough to be a soldier and sticking to that decision.

These heroes Have The Strongest Families


We stress about everything in life be it a traffic jam or a silly break-up. Ever thought how a soldier’s wife or mother, feels when she is not able to talk to her husband, who hasn’t been home for more than 3 years! Painful it is. It needs courage and strength to accept the fact that maybe he is not going to come back ever. Hats off to all the families who have given us the real superheroes.

Their Life in The Military


Not everybody gets the chance to serve the nation, and those who get the opportunity have to sacrifice everything. Their lives, families etc. to create a different world for them where they are the leaders on a mission of safeguarding the country and its citizens. From the hectic training schedule, tough routine to participating in the war, it’s not that easy what you see in a 3-hour movie. It’s much more than that. Taking care of our country selflessly make these soldiers extraordinary and special.



You can read the history of India Army where soldiers have fought for our safety and sacrificed their lives, only to let you sleep peacefully. Whether it was Kargil war or the recent surgical strike, we have lost many soldiers, but their families never regret sending their son to the Army. We youngsters, need to be more sensitive towards the nation and its issues, and if you think you have the courage to join the Indian Army you can at least try your best to be the real superhero.

Respect and gratitude to all the soldiers taking care of us!


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