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Visit the abandoned city from the Mughal Era

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 You will be surprised where is the ‘Hampi of Central India!’ We are not familiar with the name and the reason is we know it by the name ‘Mandav’. The treasure trove of ruins, Mandav or Mandu is one of the top tourist places in Madhya Pradesh which is the attraction of not only Indians but also tourist from foreign countries. It is the abandoned city from the Mughal era and is surrounded by a 45 kilometer stretch of wall and is spread over a 2,000 feet high hilltop.
It’s my fortune that I live just 60 kilometers from the Hampi of Madhya Pradesh, so I got several junctures to visit the city of Mughal. It’s magnificent palaces, tombs, mosques, and monuments are places not to miss if you are visiting the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh. So, let me take you to the ride to the Hampi of Central India, the pride of Madhya Pradesh.

Mandav, the city of Parmar rulers:

Parmar rulers of Malwa founded the city as the fort capital of their reign back in the 10th century. Then it was succeeded by Mughal ruler who ruled the city from 1401 to 1561 and established their strong state, shine with exquisite lakes and palaces. In 1561, Mandu was invaded by Mughal emperor Akbar, then subsequently occupied by a succession of Marathas in 1732. They moved the capital from Mandu to Dhar and there started the decline of the Hampi of Madhya Pradesh.

Doors in Mandav:

To enter the abandoned city of Mughal, there are 12 doors. The main entrance is called Dilli Darwaza due to its face which is towards the north direction where Delhi is situated. The other doors are Ramgopal Darwaza, Jahangir Darwaza, Tarapur Darwaza, Bhangi Darwaza, and others.


Centre of attraction in Mandav:

Tourists don’t pay attention to the fact that the beauty of Mandav is divided into three main groups i.e., The Royal Enclave, the Village Group, and Rewa Kund Group.

1. Royal Enclave

It is the collection of palaces. The multi-level Jahaj Mahal was used by rulers’ women as their harem.
# Jahaj Mahal
# Hindola Mahal

2. Village Group

It consists of a mosque which is an excellent artwork and called a masterpiece of Afghan architecture. Hoshang Shah’s tomb and Ashrafi Mahal are also the part of village group.
# Ashrafi Mahal
# Jami Masjid
# Hoshang Shah’s tomb

3. Rewa Kund

Baz Bahadur’s Palace and Rupmati’s Pavilion are the part of Rewa Kund. It is known for the tragic romantic tale of ruler Baz Bahadur and extremely beautiful singer Rupmati.

#Rani Rupmati Mahal


# Baz Bahadur’s Palace


If you have ever visited Mandu, then you will surely know why it can be called the ‘Hampi of Central India’ and if you have never visited then I suggest you make a visit to Mandu to see the grandness, the artwork of the abandoned city of Mughal.

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