What This Woman Is Doing For The Greed Of Money Will Shock You

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Woman greed for quick and easy money

In this modern world, not all but few of the individual in their life opt for quick and easy money which make them do illegal activities. The 57-year-old Patricia Dagorn due to her greed for money made her do crime due to which she is facing life imprisonment in France.


In 2012, the 87-year old man Robert Mazereau for an exchange of sex let Patricia live with him. Later on, this turned back to Robert as he faced assault by the Patricia.

Patricia was under suspicion of the murder of 60-year old Michel Kneffel in July 2011. Michel body was found in a hotel in the Nile where she was living with him. In the Kneffel murder case, no charges were filed against her but the case of Robert Mazereau led to the investigation being reopened.

This led to the Patricia connection in a suspected murder case of 85-year-old Francesco Filippone. The body of Francesco was found in February 2011 in Cannes.


In 2015, the lady was charged in all the other cases. She is accused of seducing and poisoning wealthy older men for money. Thus, she is serving a 5-year prison term for theft and fraud.

The lady son in 2013 commented to a local newspaper that he is not surprised by his mother’s behavior as she was always after quick and easy money.

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