15 Sensitive Samantha King Quotes That’ll Show Love Pain Of Every Woman’s Heart

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She’s a girl when she falls in love but she’s a woman when she fights heartbreak. She feels her every single day like an inevitable struggle.

Nowadays, the lives of people are filled with broken relationship, never ending amount of ridicule and we feel constantly bearing yourself down. However, what we love at that time is only the most relevant written word that uplifts us.

And, Samantha King’s Quotes are what we can use as a rescue for heartbreak. Her book “Born To Love Yet Cursed To Feel” will touch you on morals and how when emotions are involved it’s not as black and white.

These 15 Samantha King quotes speak about love, loss and all that’s lilting after:

1. Foolish


I blamed you so long for who I became It was much easier than facing that I allowed myself to become that.

2. Prince Charming


They both said I love you. He was the only one who meant it.

3. Small space



We yearn so badly to be healed We let anyone in We cram them into what small space we have left Hoping they have good intentions.

4. Safe


I regret meeting you would be a lie The best thing for me was removing you from my life That, I am sure of.

5. You made me better


I don’t know if I ever told you that you made me better And although I don’t say much I’ve always been around just in case you need me Pain is inevitable It’s how you choose to heal that matters.

6. Strength


I fall asleep in his arms. Thinking maybe I’ll have the strength to leave Tomorrow.

7. D E E P


You could never match what I gave and deep down I always knew it.

8. He’s my addiction


I should be sleeping rather than waiting anxiously for him. It can’t be helped though. He’s my addiction and when he’s gone too long I’m in withdrawal A self-inflicted agony I let him in He never stays long.

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9. My Truth


Do you remember when ‘I love you’ meant something?

10. Lost happiness


I never wanted perfect, I just wanted happy.

11. Lesson


There is growth in pain, You just have to find the lesson and learn it.

12. And, it is painful


She only gives herself in pieces rare and very few have her in her uninhibited form.

13. I miss you


I miss you. I sit here lost, genuinely yearning to know what you’re doing and where you are.

14. Still, I love you


The scary part is I knew exactly how bad you were for me and yet that didn’t stop me from loving you.

15. And, it hurts


The walls are talking and all they are saying is your name.

Pain is not good but though it makes us strong, makes us the people we’re meant to be.

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