An Artist Is Such A Movie Buff That He Redesigned Movie Posters Brilliantly

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Hello, all my readers!!!

Like me, are you also a lover of movies?? I am in just love with all kinds of movies and in other words, you can say I am a Bollywood style daydreamer. Though stories which are shown in a film rarely turn into reality, I deeply connect with it in my life.

The journey of cinema from the day of its evolution has come a long way. From silent movies to VFX, the cinema industry really has evolved. Around the globe, people watch a different kind of films which they love to watch and one such artist is Pete Majarich who with his talent is actually proving that he is a movie buff.

The Sydney based graphic designer did a challenging task of redesigning movie posters every single day of the year and named it “A movie poster a day” challenge. The whole idea of Pete behind it is to make the posters of a film in such a way that they can be easily understood by a viewer.

The redesigned posters by him look amazingly beautiful and you can have a glance at it below:

#1. Jurassic Park:

#2. Star Wars:

#3. Little Miss Sunshine:

Day 352: Little Miss Sunshine. #amovieposteraday

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#4. Life is Beautiful:

#5. Predator:

Day 347. #amovieposteraday

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#6. Transformers:

#7. E.T:

Day 340: E.T. #amovieposteraday

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#8. Dead Poet society:

Day 333: Dead Poet's Society. #amovieposteraday

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#9. The Wizard of Oz.

Day 329: The Wizard of Oz. #followtheyellowbrickroad #amovieposteraday

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#10. 12 Angry Men:

#11. Inception:

My Inception poster. Available at

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#12. Batman:

Saturday night's little design idea.

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#13. Juno:

Day 321. #amovieposteraday

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#14. The Pursuit of Happyness:

#15. The Hunger Games:

Day 302: The Hunger Games. #amovieposteraday

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Liked his art?? I truly loved what this artist did with his talent. If you want to see for of his redesigned movie posters then follow his account on Instagram.

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