These Signs Are Proof That Your Bae Is Your Prince Charming

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Is he a prince charming of your dreams?


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Winter in its mid with love in the air. Guys! If you are head over heels in love with someone then only you can know the charm of winter. The season of romance and the most vulnerable time to fall in love with someone.

As it is beautifully said: “I want your love to consume me like an oversized winter coat. Hands clasped around my waist like buttons done up properly.”

And this can be possible only in winters. Girls want their bae to be a prince charming of their dreams. If you are one who is already in love with someone, then you should try to recognize these signs in your bae which can prove that he is a prince charming and deserves your love. And if you are one who is looking for a love in this cozy winter, then before admitting your love for him, find these signs in him of being a good lover.

 Have a look at the signs that indicate that your lover is your prince charming:


1. He never steps back in expressing his emotions. He makes sure to let you know how much he loves you. He wants himself to be with you. You are his home just like he is yours.


2. He is the one who supports you in every situation. He takes stand for you. Also, he is the one who lets you know where you are not going right.


3. He remains honest with you. He tells you the truth irrespective of the fact that can hurt you but holds you and give you strength to come over it.


4. He believes in being feminist. He respects all you and your opinion of being feminist. He helps women to lift up and move towards gender equality.


5. He lets you speak and listen to you patiently without getting irritated by your non-stop talking. In short, he is a good listener. He considers your aim his aim and let you grow to target that aim. Your success matters to him and as important as his success.


6. He understands you when you find unable to express your emotions and find it difficult to utter any word. He can read your eyes and all the emotions your eyes hold.


7. He gives priority to your consent. His wishes never push you to do something that you don’t want to do.


8. He takes care of you without being authoritative. He is protective but knows the line between being protective and being possessive.


9. He believes in doing little lovely things instead of waiting the right time to create something big for you.


Is your bae matches these qualities of being a prince charming of your dreams? If he is not, I’ll suggest you think again before taking your precious love bond to the next level. He must not be your prince charming but should be a good person who loves you and most important, respects you.

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