Things We Indians Do Better Than Foreigners And How

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We live in the 21st century and we all have come a long way in everything from technology to new invention. As we all are trying our bit to be a developed nation. In the competition of this, we Indians traditionally do few things which are far far better than foreigners.

So, below is the description of these things which make we Indians pro in everything.

#1. Wedding:


Indian weddings are really a grand affair. People with utmost joy do a wedding and it will not be incorrect to say that marriages in India are a costly affair. Haldi, sangeet, mehendi and others are the different shades of wedding days.

#2. Life Hacks:


Have you heard the word Juggad??? This is in the blood of Indians. We are so talented that we can create any useful and designer stuff out of everything.

#3. Street Food:


There are so many varieties of street food available that we wonder which one to eat or which one not too. We have all the delicious food items from sweet to spicy.

#4. Dance:


We have a different type of dance forms in our culture. India is home to different classical forms and folk dances which are unique in their way.

#5. Multilingual:


Almost every Indian is multilingual which means at a time they can speak more than one language.

#6. Epics:


The MAHABHARATA and RAMAYANA are two of the greatest epics of India. The stories have a deep impact in the minds of people.

#7. Yoga:


Foreigners have adopted yoga. We have been practicing yoga to build discipline and communicate with higher power.

#8. IT:


We all know that IT industry of India is the second largest in the world. In India, we have engineers who work brilliantly in the IT industry.

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