Parents Make 12-Year-Old Daughter Their Sex Menial And It Is Really Disgusting

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The most horrifying incident come to the light as the 12-years-old girl became the sex slave to her own parents. Yes, her own parents have sexually assaulted her!

The 34-years-old Russian couple has been charged with pedophilia by law enforcement for torturing their 12-year-old daughter.

The mother is accused of torturing her with an artificial penis while her father is raping the child every other day.


As per the report published in the DailyMail, when the girl went to the doctor because she is facing some problem related to menstruation, the doctor got to know that she is not virgin. And, then she told about the cruel behavior of their parents to doctor and he informed authorities. Not only this, but she was assaulted frequently from December 2016 to March 2017.

Her mother told the police, “BETTER US THAN SOME MANIAC.”

Unbelievably, the mother also revealed that they both were only training their daughter in advance for adult life and it was better for her to lose her virginity with her father than learn about sexual life in other ways. Ans she also raped when she was 13-years-old. Well, it better to live without mother then having one of her kind.


The shameful, mother also said that their daughter was forced to take part in a ‘threesome’ with her parents and they even forced her to sleep in the same bed as them always.

Shockingly, the 12-years-old innocent girl’s grandmother and great-grandmother also lived in the same flat but they both rejected having any information about the assault.


According to the current information,

“The parents have now been stripped of their parental rights, which means they will never be allowed to raise a child again. The girl has been put in care.”

This is really horrible! How can any parents do such type of with their daughter on the name preparing her to face the world? They are really a big black spot for so-called parents, hope they will be punished soon for their sin.

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