Signs That You Are Madly and Deeply in Love With Yourself And That’s A Good News

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If you haven’t fallen in Love With Yourself Yet, You Really Need to Read This

In such a fast-paced life, where everybody is waiting for the other one to love them unconditionally and deeply, we somewhere neglect what we deserve. This is not healthy at all. I have met people who are deeply in love with the way they are and are unapologetic about it. No, I am not talking about that self-obsession which takes you to the other planet where you start hurting people just for the sake of your own happiness. I think to fall in love with the other person, you should learn to love yourself first. I know some of you still does, but there is a slight difference between self-love and self-obsession. Here are the signs of you being in love with your self but, in a healthy way!


You Know Your Boundaries


This is the most common sign I have noticed in people who believe in self-love. They might have suffered a lot in order to pleasing others, and gone out of their ways to make others happy. Now they are a better version of themselves, and if you are one of them, you know when and where to say no to things that you cannot do. You have a standard on which you treat people, and want others to treat you. That’s totally cool I guess!

You Like to spend Quality Time With YOU!


No. People who think that it’s selfish, do not know the importance of spending time with yourself. No matter how busy you are how many meetings you have, I can tell you that you are one of the self-lovers who spend quality time alone and talk to yourself. After all, the only best friend who will never betray is you.

You are Always Ready to Work on Yourself!


You take care of yourself and when it comes to making improvements, you are ever ready! You choose the healthiest food, healthier routine, and everything to make your life better. You know how self-healing works and what should be the next move to feel better. You keep motivating yourself to learn new things, buying that book or working on your flaws.

You Are Confident Enough to Live Alone



Sensitive people usually live their life for others and depend on their relationships to be happy but for you, it’s not necessary to have a company on the Saturday night. You can enjoy alone by watching your favorite show or going alone on a weekend trip, but that does not mean. You will not try to please other just to make them happy you will stand up for your self whenever it’s needed.

Self-love is the best thing until you are not hurting others to find your way.

Keep loving yourself!



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