Singer Arijit Singh Turns Angry-Bird During A Live Concert

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Is He Arijit?

Once I asked my friends who are the favorite singer of this generation? And almost 90% people reply ~Arijit Singh.

Indeed he is! I too believe his melodious voice can stay longer in ears and grow over their until we hear next. Singer Arijit Singh’s voice evokes feelings as well as soothes the soul.

As in his journey to the music world, he always tries to make a permanent mark in one’s heart. Although one can’t help but hmm, such is the strength of his music. But, we have a video of him which might be unacceptable for his fans because he was caught abusing!


‘Somebody fucking fix the mic’, this is the exact word of Arijit. Yes, during a live concert when his mic wasn’t working properly he burst out like this and left all his fans in a haze.

Watch Arijit Singh’s shocking reaction during the live concert here:

Ufff… this is really never seen before avatar of Arijit that dejected many fans. Well, we can understand his level of frustration because the microphones are not working properly but what about the attitude!

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