10 Bahanas Working People Make When They Reach Office Late

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What’s your excuse??

In the morning daily half of the population wake up, get ready and then visit their respective offices. I am a 22-year-old and working for two years. While working in my office, believe me, I have learned and experienced a lot which I have tried to implement in my life.

My office timing is from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM and daily in the night before sleeping I put my alarm in my phone so that I can wake up at the correct time in the morning. I love sleeping and just like a lazy being as my alarm makes every effort in waking me up I always off it and get sleep again.


The result of my laziness sometimes makes me reach late to the office. I know it’s not professionalism but what can I do in that?? Well, whenever I reach late to the office I and like me, all of us make some Bahana. Right??

As soon as I enter my office I try not to face my boss and in case he calls me up and asks me for a reason I say I got late because of public transport, I had some work or sometimes I usually say a lie. Well, while working for two years I have seen my colleague telling unusual, funny and bizarre Bahanas when they come office late. Some of which I have mentioned below:

#1. Sir, meri lucky wali bus late aayi…toh mein bhi late hogya. Because uss bus se aane se mein kaam aacha krta hu


#2. Sir, vo kya hua na…mere roomate ki girlfriend bhag gyi thi


#3. Actually, hua kya na sir…phele toh meri scooty ka petrol khtam hogya aur phir petrol dalwaya toh tyre puncher hogya


#4. Traffic bhut tha aur koi traffic police wala nhi tha…toh mein help krane laga traffic hatane ke liye


#5. Sir, vo mera eyeliner proper nahi lg raha tha…abhi bhi theek nhi lga…isliye mein late hogyi


#6. Mere crush ne mjhe kal raat mein call kra toh baat krte krte 3:00 bj gye the toh subh uthne mein late hogyi


#7. Sir,mere fiance ne bola ki breakfast saath krte hai..toh mein isliye late hogyi


So…..which one is your excuse among all the mentioned ones??? I do make excuses when I reach late office but never ever I have mentioned such kind of things to my office. Well, what remains your bahana to your boss mention it below in the comment section. And to get rid of such situation in your working life start waking up early and reaching on time to office.

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