Taapsee Pannu Talked About Her Struggles And Male Dominance In Bollywood

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”Heroine is always replaceable not hero”

It’s not at all untrue to say that Indian society is a society of patriarchy and male-dominance. Though, we live in the 21st century few things can’t be changed. The same patriarchy and male-dominance are even followed in the Indian Film industry. We all have witnessed by our eyes too so no denying in that. Okay!!

The problem that is being faced by the actress in the industry is revealed by few of them. Some of the heroines, models and other celebs have been vocal about the discrimination in the entertainment industry.


The Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu at an India Today Conclave recently spoke about her struggles and what all she is facing while working in the Indian film industry.

“As a woman, you have to be ready for the kind of backlash and trolling you gonna get,” she said.

She further mentioned that “I have been fighting this in the industry for the four years since the time I am a replaceable object in the film but a hero is not”

Talking about the failure of the film she spoke “I am the one who’s gonna take the brunt of film’s failure, not a hero”

“I have to do my bit to make a difference,” the 30-year-old said.


She further said that she is a target of the trolls ” I get trolled at least once every day”.

While talking about a real experience she revealed “You cut down on your remuneration, or you are out.”

She said “I am in that kind of a role where they waited for me for months.”

“I am thankful to the producer who realized that if not her nobody else can do the role,” she said in the last.

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