This 6-Year-Old Girl To Receive The National Bravery Award For Her Heroic Act

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We all once in our life been in a situation where instead of getting panicked, we have to remain alert to save our life or others. Though, when we face a situation in which the question is in our life we lose the attention of our mind for a fraction of a second which leads to the danger of our life.

In a situation like this all, we need to keep the bravery of our inner self-alive and this is what a six-year-old girl did. Mamata Dalai instead of panicking in the dangerous situation came forward bravely to save the life of her sister.


Mamata Dalai along with her sister Asanti Dalai (10) in April last year hailing from Kendrapara district of Odisha went to take bath in a nearby pond. While they were bathing a 5-feet-long crocodile came out of the water and attacked Asanti.

In such a panicking situation, the brave girl Mamata hold her sister’s hand and didn’t let crocodile take her away. As the crocodile lost its grip she took her sister to the shore.


The forest officials had caught the reptile and released it into the river. For her heroic like act, she will be honored with the National Bravery Award 2017. The brave girl is among the 18 other kids who will be awarded by the Prime Minister at an event on January 24.

These kids will also participate in the Republic Day Parade 2018.

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