Do You Know Your Urine Is The Indicator Of Your Health?

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Listen what your PEE says about your health!

It is said that the eyes may be a window into the soul, likewise the toilet bowl is a window into the body. This window can help to learn a lot about what’s going on inside the body by examining what comes out. You won’t believe but it’s a standard advice to keep an eye on what you leave behind when you pee to know the health standard.

Your pee or urine signs you the health of your body, you just need to pay some attention. A light lemonade color is a sign of optimal hydration, so when it changes, it will be a alarm for you. So listen carefully what your PEE says about your health.


So, here are some vital health signs and signals that urine gives us about what is going on inside your body:

The sweet smell of urine:


If your urine smells sweet then not to mistaken as it is sweet because of anything fresh you have taken. According to Dr. Holy Philip, “Sweet smell in urine is sometimes important in the diagnosis of diabetes. It shows that your blood sugar level is not ok.” It clearly suggests you take a diabetes check if your urine is smelling sweet.

If urine isn’t transparent:


If your urine isn’t transparent that it should be then it could be a signal of ‘urinary tract infection’. The not-so-common color of urine color could be due to bacteria and red blood cells. You must not ignore the change in color of the urine.

If urine color turns red:


If the color of urine is slightly red then the excess intake of watermelon or other red fruits can be the reason behind it. But if it is too red, then it could be blood in urine. It can be a sign of infection, stone in kidney or even deadly disease cancer.

If there is too much smell:


Stinking of urine is quite common but if the smell is too harsh, then it’s the time to pay attention. The reason could be a bladder infection. Immediately consult a doctor.

Irritation while urinating:


Irritation while urinating happens due to lack of water in the body or when you eat too much spicy food. But, if you’re taking enough water and the problem continues, then it can be a sign of infection.

The problem of frequent urination:


If you feel peeing frequently or feeling irritation every-time you urinate, then it is a primary sign of urinary tract infection. It happens because of excess consumption of caffeine or alcohol sometimes.So, you must be aware of the signs your urine gives you. Ignorance can result in a bad effect on your health. Next time if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, immediately consult a doctor.Featured Image Courtesy: