This Well Known Spoken-Word Artist Depicts What Is It Like To Speak English In Our Country

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We live in a country who is doing all its effort to become a developed country. In the path of developing to developed country the citizens have been facing lots of ups and downs. Right?? Plus we all are also adapting few things from the western culture. Among it also includes the English language. It is rightly said that ‘Angrez Hindustan toh chod gye, pr peeche Apni angrezi chod gye’.


Parents send their children to English medium schools only and also taught them to speak fluently in English leaving behind their mother tongue. Youth also mostly prefers speaking and listening in the English language. The reason behind all this is that if we don’t communicate in it we have to face embarrassment in our friend circle, workplace, and other places as well. Right?? The language English didn’t adopt us but we comfortably adopted the language.

A well-known spoken-word artist Diksha Bijlani depicts the reality of our English speaking Indian country. In April 2017, She has represented the country at College Union Poetry Slam Invitational, Chicago (CUPSI). With her words, she is evoking out how important we have made to speak English.

Watch out the video below:

I have no shame in saying that I agree with all her words!!

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