22-year-old Woman Raped In Front Of Her Husband In Gurugram

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The incidents of rapes, molestations, sexual abuse in our country are nowhere seem to stop. Now and then, stories related to such incidents make their path to headlines. Almost daily we get to listen to at least one story related to it. I still wonder when a full stop will be put on such incidents.

Well, today I am going to tell you about an incident which happened in Gurugram. A brutal incident happened on Sunday night with a couple. A 22-year-old girl and her husband went to attend a family function. As they were coming back to their home the incident took place.

The lady brother-in-law gave them a ride in his Maruti Ertiga car so that they can reach their place. Her husband stepped out of the car to urinate when a group of men came to their car and started asking questions.


According to India Today, while recalling the incident she said “After the function got over around 9 PM, we decided to return home and my brother-in-law gave us a ride in his Maruti Ertiga car to drop us at our South City home. When we reached near Business Park in sector 56, my husband asked for the car to be stopped so he could step out for urination.”

As soon as they heard the reason to stop which had a hint of Bangla they started assaulting them. When one of the accused saw a lady inside he took her out and took her behind some bushes.

The husband of the lady said “They asked us why we had stopped there. We told them the reason but they started assaulting us after hearing our dialect which had a hint of Bangla. Meanwhile, one of the accused looked inside the car and as soon as he saw a woman inside, he dragged her out and took her behind some bushes.”


“By then, the other three accused had taken us at gunpoint. We requested them to let her go but to no avail.” he further mentioned.

“The accused threatened to kill me and my husband while I was crying. He covered my mouth and raped me” the victim said.

All the accused fled away from the place after doing the crime but somehow the husband managed to note down the license plate number of one of their vehicles.


The Gurugram police ACP Manish Sehgal said “We have registered an FIR under IPC sections 376, 323, 506 and 34 and arrested the accused”

The accused have been identified as Deshvir, Dharmender, Pawan and the alleged rapist Sanjeet and all four are from Johalka village near Sohna in Gurugram.

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