An Elderly Couple Seeks Permission Of Mercy Death And The Reason Is Weird

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Couple want to die together

We live with our family whom we love immensely and in every individual life, a time comes when he/she finds the love of their life. The one with whom we decide to spend rest of our lives loving each other and also want to grow older. Right?? As we all are humans and not God we can’t do anything with aging. Among us, many fear to age as with aging comes illness, lethargy and a wait to die.

The fear of dying after your beloved partner haunts you in a dream as you can’t imagine living your life without them. With the same fear, an elderly couple from Mumbai is scared. As they are scared to live without each other they want to die together. The couple in order to fulfill their desire wrote to the President’s office for permission of active euthanasia (Active euthanasia means killing a person by giving an overdose of painkillers).


The couple name is a 78-year-old Iravati Lavate who is a retired school principal and her 87-year-old husband Narayan Lavate who is a retired state transport, last December wrote to President Ram Nath Kovind seeking permission for mercy death.

“We are just tired of living. We can’t wait for an ailment to make us bed-bound” the couple told Indian Express.

The reason behind their this decision is not to live alone if one of them dies, any illness with which they can suffer, and nothing to talk about among themselves are few of the reasons why this couple wants to die.


There is no law in India which allows the idea of active euthanasia. Though a draft bill on withdrawal of life support to patients with a terminal illness is under consideration.

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