Men Reveal How Clueless They Were When They First Heard About ‘Menstruation’

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There will be blood!

Ladies and men! Chill out because we all have stories and a few confessions to make about menstruation! Isn’t it? Well, I’d like to start with mine. In college, I had a male friend who once asked me if menstrual cycles had anything to do with the moon.

I mean, I knew like he asked this question half-seriously, with a sheepish tone that implied he didn’t really believe that the moon’s gravitational pull caused blood to ebb and flow like the tides, but, well, just making sure, there was definitely no connection there, right? I laughed like hell when I told this to my best friend!

But, who doesn’t have a doubt? Every 1 in 10 of us has strange stories like this. And if I’ll talk about sensible dialogues on menstruation in India, they are about as rare as they may get. Apart from a few hurried classes in school, most Indian men have learned about it through the school of life, and much later than they should have. Periods are taboo here, and guys mostly had extremely hazy and oftentimes ridiculous misconceptions about what happens during ‘that time of the month.’

1. Waterfall


“Until I was about 15 I thought it was like a waterfall of blood and that the tampon was used to plug said waterfall. I am not a smart man.” – Big Black

2. Kicked in the groin


“In my head, I always imagined it like it was this dull ache that was constantly over woman until, for seemingly no reason, everything cramps up and it’s like getting kicked in the groin.” -Danity Kane

3. Diapers for women


“I learned it sometime in school. This one girl went to the bathroom for 15 minutes in every period. I asked a dude what was wrong with her, and he told me she is going to change pads ‘cos girls couldn’t control pee like boys. And I thought pads were just like diapers for women.” – Smrutisnat

4. Nobody cares about us boys!


“When I was a kid, one girl in my class got her first periods and the teachers took her to another classroom. While all of us boys kept wondering what was wrong with her, nobody was eager to explain it.” – Antil

5. Someone’s on war


“I imagine it’s like your ovaries going to war in your uterus and one of them launches a nuke, then the blood and flesh of the fallen seep out through a hole in the crater at the worst possible time.” – Monty Python

6. A day at the spa


“Judging from the tampon commercials it feels like a day at the spa that makes you want to dance around on the beach in slow motion and play sports with your friends.” – TYWjust

7. Respect for women


“When I first realized what a great deal women have to go through every month, I got a great sense of respect for all of them.” – Abhijeet

Oh my god! Like seriously these confessions made me laugh and cry both at the same time.

All these confessions have been taken from Reddit.

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