These 7 Ad Films Show The Level Of Being Anti-Woman

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Why every ad needs a woman to be featured?

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Today, I won’t share my views but I want to ask about your views on the Indian Ad Films. Why is featuring a woman in every ad so important? Why the ad makers, the seller of products, and we tolerate to watch women in every ad even where there are no such need. Like in a men’s deodorant ad, I don’t think there is any need to make girls run behind the man who just sprayed deodorant. Are makers consider woman the object which can sell anything?

Also, at this time where we call ourselves progressive, there are many ads telecast that put the woman in a regressive light. Though many people don’t realize that these ads are misogynist and anti-woman, these are and today I am gonna tell you about 7 ads which are anti-woman.

Here are 7 Ad Films that show the level of being Anti-Woman:

#1 The Mother Dairy Ad

This Indian ad shows the helplessness of a housewife who tries to put forward the mistake of her son naming as her. But sad is she can’t stand up for herself as she hesitated to accept the mistake on behalf of her son in front of the sole bread earner of the family. But I think a woman too has a right to commit a mistake.

#2 The Lotus Cooking Oil Ad

This ad is a target to the idea of being progressive. No matter how the time has been advancing, a newly wedded bride has to cook for her in-laws and impress them. The ad regresses a woman by a culturally defined role for her which has to be performed by her.

#3 The Snickers TVC Ad

Bhukh lagti hai to tu ladki ban jata hai”,  What does it even mean? Are only girls do annoying things? Are all the irritating things are done by girls even if it is done by a boy he is tagged as ‘You are behaving like a girl’. What the hell it is? It is a height of being an anti-woman.

#4 The Airtel Smartphone Network Ad

This ad is called progressive with the hidden meaning of what actually is being regressive. No matter what a woman achieves, she after returning home has to perform her duty of cooking. The ad shows a wife waiting for her husband on the dinner prepared by her and she is the boss of her husband in the workplace.

#5 The 18 Again Ad

A woman should be virgin and if her virginity isn’t intact with her, she has to regain it with vaginal tightening cream. Like seriously! A woman isn’t an object for her husband that she should be pleasurable to her husband. But the ad shows the same and targets the woman’s respect for sure.

#6 The Moov Ad

A man can’t do household work as the cricket match is more important than any other thing or even than his wife. Men can’t initiate himself to perform the household work if his wife is dealing with a backache, however, he can give her a solution and make her able to do work again. But why can’t he himself cooperate in the work?

#7 The Kellogg’s Special K

We raise voice against body shaming every now & then but at the same time appreciates ad like promoting Kellogg’s Special K which promises you to get back to your beauty. Beauty which in India only associated with looking beautiful and this ad is seriously shaming to the body of women.

So, guys, these are a few Indian ads which are misogynist and a target of womanhood. These ads are not taking us anywhere in the forward direction but definitely are restricting us to the perspective towards a woman. What do you think, are such types of ads should be made? 

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