Patna College Students Boldly Fooled Authorities To Enjoy Saraswati Puja Function

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Patna College Students crossed all level of decency

It is rightly said that the time enjoyed by any individual in his school/ college life is the best time they have witnessed in their life journey. Indeed, it is true. The time I have spent in college with my beloved friends cannot be turned back though I wish hard to do so. From bunking classes, unplanned trips, to ragging we all have enjoyed these precious moments in our college life.

We did everything but everything in limit and didn’t cross any boundary at that time. But, the college students from Patna took all these to whole new level. On Monday night, on the campus of BN College, the students bravely and without any shame fooled the college authorities.

On the occasion of Saraswati Puja function, they not only invited bar dancers but also danced with them in the event.


“The college administration asked the hostellers about the incident, but they denied any such dance performance. We will not go soft on them and strict action will be taken against the students who were involved in this act” the Principal Raj Kishore Prasad of the college told the media.

A show-cause notice has been issued to the hostellers and they are given 36 hours time to give their explanation about the incident. An FIR has been registered with the Pirbahore police station against the college hostel’s puja committee. Students are also accused of cheating the administration and on the whole incident a five-member committee has been set up and asked to report in three days.


“We are also trying to find out whether the policemen were also involved in this programme because in the video footage, there were some police personnel present there,” said Patna DM Kumar Ravi.

Watch the video which got viral on the internet below:

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