These 7 Indian Things Need Your Attention And Please, Protest Against It

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“Banning Padmavat is not the real issue”

Padmavati which is now turned into Padmaavat, from its beginning faced criticism and protest as some people believe that the makers of the film have done distortion with the history.

In the name of ‘Padmaavat Ka Virodh,‘ we all have seen how director Sanjay Leela Bhansali was harassed, a dead body was found in Nahargarh Fort and theaters have been burned down, citizens have received threats, how Karni Sena is protesting and opposing the release of the movie.

Well, why they are protesting against just a film made for entertainment? Come on, guys! We really have some serious issue that needs our attention and protest too.

So, here has a look at these real problems which people are facing in India:

1. Female foeticide:


The growth in female foeticide and infanticide digits – even in 2018, India seems to be retreating.

2. The lynching of Dalits:


The high disadvantage that Dalits face, from lynching to death around the country should be stopped right now.

3. The death of farmers:


Every now and then we are ignoring farmers and their problems, who fight to survive, to be free from interest.

4. Marital rape:


The most depressing laws that continued presence that makes marital rape because turning marriage into a legal binding for sex is now…tradition.

5. The absence of therapists:


The absence of therapists in India’s largest colleges, the student commits suicide every hour in India.

6. Sexual violence against women:


Sexual violence against women is continued even it took 5 years for Nirbhaya to get justice. Isn’t Karni Sena thinking about taking action against it?

7. Dowry for marriage:


People from almost every community or religion face dowry demand, which is something really horrible.

However, there are so many other issues like complete lack of privacy due to Aadhar, crimes against Indians abroad and many many more. So, think again guys for what you should stand against all odds.

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