An Open Letter To Our Soldiers On 69th Republic Day Of India

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Dear brave soldier of the Indian Armed Forces,

While the whole nation today is busy in debating the colors of the contours, waving the national flag. While the parades are on fleek, schools, colleges, and grounds are painted in the color of our trio-flag, there is someone amongst us, not celebrating. And so here I am, writing this to that one brave soul who is far away from me, from all of us deployed on the borders of my nation.

Since childhood, I’ve been taught three very important virtues: To forgive when it’s other’s fault, to be apologetic when I really should be and to be grateful when others helped me in any way. And I always carried this with me unless I finally realized what I’ve been missing out for years today! And I’d like to tell you this.

I love you for your unflinching persistence

Over the past many years, I have witnessed your dogged persistence to do what is right, your willingness to go that extra mile and your constant priority of others before self. Your readiness to enter into deadly territories because it’s the only way to protect this motherland and her citizens, despite the fact that many of them stay indifferent to her and to you, has clearly left me in awe. And I literally love you brave heart for always keeping me safe in my own home fearlessly celebrating this day of India’s Republic while you are still out there saving 100s like me.

I know one thing and that is…

It’s easy to ask for peace when we are a thousand miles away from that Line Of Control(LOC) when our priority is like what party to attend this evening, a few anti-social elements finding another reason for useless protesting and another few thinking from where to get their next film funding. But, we never realize where is our fearless freedom coming from!

But do you know why I value my freedom that I’ve got every single day, that lets me set my foot out and walk on the lanes freely? Because I can see that long-distance mother waiting for you to come home unknowing about the fact that you will reach there on foot or on 4 shoulders.

I’m sorry! I’m sorry for a noteworthy number of reasons

  • I’m sorry that you never get even that one day off to celebrate the day of Diwali with your family.
  • I’m sorry that when you sacrifice your life to keep us safe, no one remembers you for more than 2 days while I’m constantly amazed by the memory of those same people who can remember a particular movie scene for more than a year!
  • I’m sorry that people who know nothing of your difficulties and have not experienced even a minute of your life, sit in judgement on your eligibility to qualify for a pension that you’ve earned a thousand times over.
  • I’m sorry that one among you has to cry on national television to make us common citizens, the beneficiaries of your sacrifices, aware of what the National Flag should mean to us.
  • And I’m even more regretful that a few members of my so-called ‘noble profession’ choose to misguide young minds onto paths that advocate an anti-national mindset.

I hope that someday, people of my nation may value your sacrifice leaving all the trivial issues. Till then, I VALUE YOU!

– One loving Indian woman

Jai Hind, Jai Jawaan!


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