Karni Sena To Make A Film on Sanjay Bhansali’s Mom And It Shows Their Mentality

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Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati turned Padmavat may have sailed through several protests and hurdles across the country and finally marked the presence in the theatres on January 25, 2018.

Still, after the order of Supreme Court in some part of the country, the film hasn’t released.


From the day first Padmavat was in the center of controversies and attack #Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali was manhandled by members of a fringe outfit called Karni Sena on the sets of Padmavati.


#And, Karni Sena terrorizing school kids by vandalizing a school bus recently in Gurugram.


Karni Sena leader accused the ace-director conspiring to create disharmony in the nation over religious and caste line and blames him for the school bus attack. As he said,

“I am laying the direct charge against Bhansali and his network for the incident in Gurgaon. If they are not found guilty, then I’m ready to accept any punishment.”

Not, only this now the so-called the savior of Rajput in the country Karni Sena stooped another move as they announced to produce a film on director’s mother with titled, “Leela ki Leela.”


Recently, at Chittorgarh, the district president of Karni Sena Govind Singh Khangarot in a press conference said, “the scriptwriting process of the film, which would be directed by Arvind Vyas, has already started and it will be released in a year’s time.”

Further, Khangarot added:

“Bhansali has insulted our mother Padmavati, but we will ensure that he feels proud of the movie we will make. As our country gives the right to expression to everyone, we will ensure that this right is used to its fullest.” 

Well, all we can say it is not about Bhansali now, it is showing the mentality of Karni Sena indeed!

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