OMG! See Where This Chicken Lover Couple Threw Their Wedding Reception

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A couple from Worcester, England, is chicken a loving couple and this love has made them famous in all over the world. Well, you must be thinking what’s so special about being a chicken loving couple! So, they are so mad that they organized their wedding reception at a branch of the fast-food chain KFC.

The couple, 48-year-old Edward Simms and his 34-year-old wife Cherish got married at a registrar office. And, rather hosting a usual boring reception night, they grant a permission from KFC’s management and threw it there.

#Couple share a drink from KFC after having their wedding reception at the fast-food chain.


Finger-licking KFC meal along with the decorative piece of KFC balloons with close friends and family is really a dream chicken wedding reception.

The couple said, “We love eating chicken and chips and we probably order food from there around once a week. We didn’t want a boring reception where we would have to organize everything ourselves so we thought why not see if it was possible.”


#At the fast food restaurant in Blackpole guests tucked into Bargain Buckets and fries.


#The couple Edward Simms & Cherish from Worcester, in the West Midlands, threw their delicious wedding reception at KFC after saying ‘I do’ at a register office.


According to the Mrs. Simms, said:

“It was a joint decision and we thought it would be a bit of fun. We love eating chicken and chips and we probably order food from there around once a week.”

How far would you go to prove your love for chicken? Well, their amazing way is on the point!

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