The Reason Why This Man Killed His Wife Will Explain The Negative Side Of Social Media

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Man Pissed Off With Over Usage of Social Media By His Wife

With the advancement in Technology, citizens of India comfortably adapted the so-called modern and western life. A decade ago nobody even thought there will be a discovery of smartphones which will make everything possible at fingertips. With the era of smartphones also comes the evolution of social media. Lives of people are surrounded or trapped in the circle of Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and other social accounts.

Some of the people got so addictive with these devices that the cost of it took away their life. Recently, an incident held in Kolkata as husband got pissed off with wife engrossment in social media.


On January 24, the incident took place when the husband Surajit Pal of Tumpa came home and found her indulged in her mobile. He then went to prepare a meal in the kitchen after which they had an argument. The addiction of Tumpa had led him to do all the household chores like cooking and cleaning.

Following the argument, the man hit her wife with a chopper on her head several times and strangulated her with a towel to death. After doing all this, the husband tried to kill himself too by slitting his writs but couldn’t succeed.


The man also accuses his wife of having an extra-martial affair as she remains on her phone always, according to New Indian Express. But, in the police investigation, it was learned that the accused himself had an extra-marital affair with his wife’s unmarried sister. His wife came to know about it after which they had issues in their relationship.

When their younger son came home from college he found the body of his mother in blood. The man on Thursday surrendered and admitted that he killed his wife in anger. He is remanded in police custody by the Alipore court.

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