6 Things Everyone Should Learn Before They Die

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“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.” – Vincent Van Gogh

I was watching a very interesting event a few nights ago. And I’d like to share what I saw with you all. It featured ten speakers who spoke for ten minutes each on things you should know before you die. I was normal when I saw that the speakers included TV and film stars, CEOs, and HIV survivors. And just like you, I too imagined that there would be a wide spectrum of perspectives that is going to be shared here today.


Well, it’s time to increase your knowledge and so, here are a few lessons that stuck out to me. A lot of these can profoundly change your mindset, how you view the world, and how you choose to react to things. You just need to take a step back and put things into perspective, which will lead you towards your goal.

1. Be true to yourself


If you are living and doing something that doesn’t align with you, how can you ever be truly happy and enlightened? When you find something that aligns and resonates with you, you will know it from the energy it gives you. So, just be true to yourself and you will never have a day spent alone.

2. Take care of your health


Health is the gateway to happiness. If you are not living with your fullest energy and vibrancy, how can you expect to get the most from life? Is it not a bit crazy to think that people will spend more money on their car, their fashion, and accessories than they would on their body? Well, yeah! Think again.

3. Maintain a perspective


The next time you’re upset at traffic, or someone is taking too long in the checkout line, or someone hasn’t texted you back quickly enough, take a step back and ask yourself, in the grand scheme of things, is this really worth being upset about? Because there are people who have bigger problems than you but they tackle it through their positive perspective towards things and people no matter whatever the situation be.

4. Don’t play the victim


As I mentioned earlier, one of the speakers was a girl born with HIV, her family loved her but when the other children’s parents found out she had HIV, they forbade their children from being friends with her. She could have closed up and felt angry at the world, but instead, she took a position of power and action. Many people constantly place blame on everything and everyone and make themselves a victim. The world gives you so much to work with if you work with it and put in the effort.

5. Don’t be afraid to stand out


When you go your own way and make your own path, you alone write your legacy. Never be afraid to forge your own destiny due to the thoughts of others. People may laugh at you because you are different. You could pack up and quit here, or you could feel sorry for them because they are all the same.

6. Redirect your energy


Instead of wasting energy being angry, envious, or jealous of those with more success, redirect that energy and ask, “What can I learn from this person to improve my own life?”

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