Age Is No Bar, These Older Models’ Pictures Prove That

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We all know that to take entry in the glamour world of fashion isn’t an easy path to follow and reach the success point. One has to do a lot to make their place in the fashion world. Aspiring models work hard on their physique, looks, and appearance so that they get a chance to prove their talent. However, the fashion world and modeling can be a cruel place as it is bounded by age bars. The older you get, the chances to make yourself establish in the career of modeling diminishes.

But, if you are asked to define beauty which is considered important to be a model, will you restrict it to the age? I don’t think so, as we can’t define the concept of beauty in such limited terms? The same thinking of not restricting beauty to the age limit has been made possible by a modeling agency, Oldushka. The agency runs in Moscow and is on a mission to hire models only above the age of 45.

Sound interesting and quite unbelievable! But, it is all true, so let’s have a look at the models of grey hairs.

#1 Tatjana Nekliudova, Age- 61 

#2 Sergey Arctica, Age- 45

#3 Valentina Yasen, Age- 62

#4 Tatjana Nekliudova, Age- 61 

#5 Valentina Yasen, Age- 62

These older models have become the known faces of the fashion industry and they have been inspiring other people of their ages to join the fashion world and flaunt their ages with glamour. So, here have a look at the pictures of other models and appreciate them:

All thanks are to the agency ‘OLDUSHKA’ who came up with an entirely new idea to give an open ground to the older people to flaunt their ages with all confidence and beauty they have within them.

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